At LiveBeat, we take great pride in what we do by combining musical passion with professionalism, keeping our clients as our first priority. Whether you are looking for live background music for a cocktail reception or lively music to get the party started, we are here to help you choose the service that will best compliment your event. The LiveBeat experience organically combines live entertainment with customized music, to create a memorable event for all of your guests. From solo percussion performances to jazz trios, our talented musicians are sure to take your event to the next level!

SAX & CONGA Jazz Bongos

Sax & Conga
Let the sultry sounds of the live saxophone, accompanied by percussion, set the perfect vibe for your trendy, urban event. Go for the lounge house or Latin jazz feel. Substitute the Sax for any of the following service options (ex. Keys & Conga) or add any ONE to make the perfect trio (ex. Sax & Conga & Bass) Options - Bass, Trumpet, Keys, Bongos, Djembe, Electric Guitar, Violin.

Sax Solo
Sometimes less is more. One of our talented saxophonists will smooth out your event with his jazzy accompaniment. Go for the Miami patio feel. Your guests will love it.
These services are ACCOMPANIED by customized tracks, providing you and your guest with both a live band and DJ atmosphere for a fraction of the cost. The following services are ideal for cocktail hour, pre-reception & dining. All customized music tracks & audio equipment are included with each package.

Jazz Duo
Our popular jazz duo consists of a Guitarist\Singer and a Sax player/Singer, giving you a lot of talent for a little price. These guys are the Upbeat Jazz and Blues Groove specialists. This duo is primarily vocal based; however, they are also able to accommodate instrumentals only.

Jazz Trio
Our jazz trio consists of an Upright Bass, Guitarist and Singer / Sax player. This trio boasts an infectious mix of vocals and instrumentals, with two time Juno award winner Christopher Plock as the lead vocalist and saxophonist. Musical versatility is our trio's number one asset. Ask about our female vocalist as well.
The above options are UNACCOMPANIED by music tracks, providing you and your guests a complete live band experience. The following services are ideal for cocktail hour, pre-reception & dining.

Raise the energy bar right from your dance floor opener by adding as few as one to three percussionists to accompany your DJ with live percussive entertainment.

The concept is simple. Take any upbeat song you know. Add live percussion. That song is now better. Listen and see for yourself in our gallery - Live Bongo on Dance Floor. .